Nuff Sandwiches

November 12, 2012

Good sandwiches. Get here and beat the inevitable crowds.



2851 Johnson St NE Minneapolis, MN 55418
(612) ???-????

On the Quick:

Food: 5/5

Atmosphere: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Vibe: Sandwiches good enough for a neighborhood joint to draw beyond the neighborhood.

Price: $-$$

Booze: Beer/Wine

Beware: People, who are generally stupid, will take your food, when your name is called, because Kathy sounds just like Steve. #morons

Once you have a sandwich at Nuff, you will say, “Geez, I wish we had a joint like this in our neighborhood.”

Well, you don’t.

Just like you don’t have an Anchor Fish & Chips, but that doesn’t stop you from INSISTING on showing up with 10 friends at 7pm on a Friday, thereby barring normal people from eating. Behold, the future of Nuff.

Unlike The Anchor, there is ample, free parking across the street. Welcome, tourists.

I will spare you all the bullshit and tell you the food rocks, it ain’t cheap(but man do you get some food), and the space could use some pizazz.


If you aren’t a big eater, or are on a budget, get a half sandwich and split the fries. It’s more than enough.

True Sandwich Kings will love to go with a whole sandwich. I said they aren’t cheap, but they aren’t outrageous, and you get alot of meat for your money. Yes, I said meat. These sandwiches are stuffed.

I am convinced they are baking their own bread. It’s a pitch perfect sandwich roll. (I probably say pitch perfect too much, but this one was.)

Ingredients are top notch, and the chef knows his stuff.

Five stars for the pulled pork. Smoky, fatty, sweetish sauce, and a scoop of cabbage salad on top. De-fucking-lish.


It’s a little spartan, a little bare. You can tell these are some food guys steering this ship, and the spouse chose the paint. I would prefer if it was a little more of a “joint”, but I think they got the vibe right for the neighborhood. Neutral is probably best to start. Let the food be the star of the show. They can add things over time.


  • It’s very kid friendly.
  • Order at the counter, pick up in the back.
  • Staff clears the tables, so flip ’em a tip at the register.
  • Houston, we have a social media problem: This link is featured prominently in search results for “Nuff Sandwiches”.

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