Rye Deli

August 1, 2012

If you have a complaint about Rye, you probably need to fuck off.



1930 Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 871-1200

On the Quick:

Food: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Vibe: Quick,hip deli tries to be a bar at night.

Price: $-$$

Booze: Beer/Wine/Liquor.

Beware: Really shitty East Coasters who need to move home. Now.

If you’ve been to Rye, as we will henceforth refer to Rye Deli, you have probably enjoyed delicious food, in a cool/functional space, delivered by nice people. Then you read some reviews and internet comments, and concluded that you must be crazy. Rye must really suck.

Let me sum up the case against Rye:

  • I am from the East Coast.
  • The food at Rye does not taste like the deli fare I knew and loved back East.
  • I decided to take my frustration with the entire Midwest out on Rye.
  • Maybe I should move back where I came from. That way, I can enjoy delicious deli food at Schwartzman’s, and maybe see if Mommy will breastfeed me again, since it’s obvious we stopped that too early.

Enough about D-bag ex-pat East Coasters. Let’s talk Rye!

Located in the former Auriga, the team behind Rye did a nice remodel on the space. Lots of natural light, and each of the three seating areas feels like a distinct space. Nice job on the patio, too. The bar is cute, but I wouldn’t drink there (sometimes we can’t be all things to all people).

The staff is very attentive, pleasant and competent. I don’t know who is hiring and training in there, but they need a raise. (No, I am not sleeping with the GM).

So, the food. Good. Food good. Of course, I’ll go into detail about the dishes I had, pros & cons, etc, but let me start by saying, someone in that kitchen knows there shit. There is some talent back there. Some feeling. Exhibit A: The Breakfast Sandwich.

Fried eggs, crisp bacon, tomato and burnt onions and cheese on grilled challah or your choice of bagel 7.5

Fucking sublime. I had it on challah. Perfectly crispy, charred, melty, and savory, exactly where it needed to be. Spot on. Go eat that sandwich.

Open faced corned beef or smoked meat, rye, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese 13.5

Also good. Not more than the sum of it’s parts, but at Rye, they use good parts.

Hope Creamery Butter, local maple syrup 9

It was fine. Won’t change your life.

Two eggs any style, hash browned potatoes, Montreal style smoked meat or Thielen’s bacon or grilled Vienna salami 9

Solid, large portion. Just what you want on a weekend morning.

Roasted chicken and vegetables in a rich gravy under a flaky crust 13

Winner. Even the East German judge would give the crust & gravy a ten.

My quibble with Rye:

The portions are a tad small for the prices. I know it’s 2012, I know you’re in Lowry Hill, and I know that building was listed for $800K(that’s before remodel, kids). I know these things. You gots to get paid.

But I also know this is still Midwest-sota. My suggestion: starch it up. Add a side of starch to your sandwiches (home-made bagel chips?), and bulk up the starch on the entrees.

People say they want right-sized portions, but they also want to pay $2 less for those portions.

Starch, my lad. Starch.


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