Gorkha Palace

July 18, 2012

Nepalese Gem, cleverly hidden in a hot restaurant district.



23 4th Street Northeast Minneapolis, MN 55414


On the Quick:

Food: 5/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Vibe: Casual, yet charming.

Price: $-$$

Booze: Beer & Wine.

Beware: Nothing, really.

It isn’t often you finish a meal, look around the restaurant and think, this is my spot, but that is exactly what I felt after my first meal at Gorkha Palace

The Palace, or G-P, or whatever nickname I decide on, is located in the old St. Martin’s Table space. It’s a pain in the ass to get to, parking isn’t great, and is very “drive-by-able.”

Which is weird, because it’s in such a great restaurant neighborhood. You can walk to Namu or the Red Stagg, from the front door.
So fight the power, and go. Just park a block away, and go. Just fucking go!

Because the food is sublime. Sub-f’ing-blime.

Start your meal with the Veggie Pakora: Crispy fritters of cabbage, onions, jalapenos dipped in chickpea batter & fried – served with mint/tamarind chutneys. How do they get these things so light and non-greasy. It’s a miracle, and they are delicious.

The Mo-Mo (dumplings) are pretty good too.
Entree time: I could talk all day about the Lamb Paalak (halal):
Boneless lamb cooked with spinach and garlic in tomato onion sauce. Tender lamb,and a pitch-perfect sauce. I am not screwing around here. Pitch-perfect.
The Paalak Paneer:Spinach & paneer (Indian cheese) simmered in a rich creamy sauce of organic tomatoes and cream,is another winner. Can’t. Stop. Eating.

The Naaan is off the charts, btw.

Last but not least, they have a lunch buffet. Now wait, I know what you’re thinking. Greasy, starchy crappolla, but it’s not. The food is just as fresh and delicious as ordering off the menu. even the Veggie Pakora(deep fried) were still light and crisp.

Now that I’ve raved about the food, let me fill in the blanks.

Nepalese food seems to share alot of roots with Indian. If you dig Indian, you will LOVE Nepalese.

The decor is awesome for a small, ethnic restaurant (by Twin Cities standards). It’s quaint, charming, a little modern, clean, and well kept. Nice enough for a date, but you can still go casual.



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