Chimbarazo –Andean gem in Northeast MPLS

March 28, 2012

NE Mpls eatery lays out the Ecuadorian comfort foods.


2851 Central Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

On the Quick:

Food: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Service: 2/5

Vibe: Casual

Price $-$$

Beware: Foodie douche bags.


We must ask ourselves, why haven’t we been eating at Chimbarazo? Why haven’t we heard about it? We’ve all driven past it, but no-one has gone inside.

We must learn why, so it doesn’t happen again, because the food at Chimbarazo rocks. Not like Bruce Springsteen. Like the Clash. Ok, maybe more like an older, wiser Paul Westerberg.

I had the llapingachos twice, as an app and part of my meal. They are described as potato pancakes, but they are more like big, filled potato dumplings. The app was served on a thin bed of scrambled egg, with a peanut sauce & a chimichurri. Outstanding.

We also had the beef empanada. It was good, and cheap. $2.

One of the highlights of night was the amazing tomato-onion curtido that seemed to come with everything. It was a sort of pickled onion-tomato salsa, made with vinegar & herbs. Lots of fresh onion flavor.

Another thing I like about this joint is they use egg in a lot of their dishes.

Some of the entrees and sandwiches come with fresh cut fries. Skip them.

On my second visit, had the Chaulafan, an Ecuadorian fried rice with pork, chicken, shrimp, and egg. Holy smack, Batman. This dish rocked my face off. Just writing about it made me so hungry, I think I’ll go back for some Chaulufan tonight.

The service the first night was a train wreck, but the staff finally figured it out, apologized, and comped us a beer. Life goes on. (Fine on the second visit.)

Chimbarazo is billed as an Ecuadorian restaurant. Seems to focus on the mountain/peasant foods (Andean highlands). Think homey, comfort foods.

Beware, the foodies are circling. Spray tans, wedge sandals, and those “oh, we’re slumming” smiles were in some evidence. Weekend nights may be out at Chimbarazo, in the very near future.



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